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We are using the Behringer X18 Air mixer.  It is in a form factor that is easy to transport.  Mixing can be done remotely to tune the sound from the audience perspective.  With 18 Inputs and 18 Outputs, this will handle most bands.  We can record and pass-through our mix to the main PA system the venue is using.  This unit is very versitile.


Modern DAWs are all a mixture of strengths and capabilities - that makes sence when you consider the bredth of applications that DAWs are called to deal with - music composing and production, mastering, multi-track recordings, sound for picture and broadcast.  Within each of the categories there are a myriad of options and functions that are more or less important to users depending on the exact nature of their workflow. 
We offer Ableton Live, FL Studio, Pro Tools & Studio One.  Pick your poison.

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Start with a perfect recording, add your personal touches with modern plugins that make mastering a breeze.  Both RAW AAF recording and digital masters.  24-bit/48khz, for the perfect sound.

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With the advent of digital recording, sharing your musing is so easy now. The internet has changed the way we listen, view and purchase our music.

Going digital is the best way to ensure a perfect recording the first time.  Don't bother converting from A>D, it's digital the first time.  
Add warmth with plugins and give it that signiture sound only you can give it.

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"Sons of Palmer"
Hopon recording is the absolute best!  Our engineer knew how to improve our sound.  The experience was amazing.
We will make Hopon Recording our home.
Anthony Jundul

Anthony Jundul

SoP Manager
"Darrell Hughes."

Having Hopon Recording handle the technical side of my show and let me concentrate on my music was such a relief.  I had been doing this myself and was always worring about something.  The first gig was sweet success.

Darrell Hughes

Darrell Hughes

"Dance And Move."

We got the sound we were looking for.  Hopon Recording engineers know exactly what they are doing.  We were in-n-out in no time.  This saved us tons of cash.  Thank you so much.

Thomas Parksion

Thomas Parksion



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